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SimWay is a leading shooting simulator technology from Sweden that is celebrating growing international success. With a focus on digital games the technology offers various opportunities for hunters training as well as entertainment.

Introducing SimWay HUNT

Intro SimWay Arcade


Q: What sort of projector is the best for SimWay?
A: You can use projectors of any format but you will get the best experience with a Full HD (16×9) ratio projector.
Here a selection of projectors in different price ranges. But there are many other brands and options to choose from. Please look for the 1920×1080 resolution.


Sample projectors: EH-TW5300EH-TW6700EH-TW8300NEC products


Experience SimWay Hunt, SimWay Arcade and other shooting simulators at our “hunters shooting lab” in Palmerston North.

View a fact sheet about the SimWay Shooting Simulator

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