Life fire simulators! The ultimate experience on your shooting range!

We offer solutions for live fire simulators that are implemented in shooting clubs. Live fire simulators are the ultimate training tool for shot placement and to train firearm safety once other forms of training have been exhausted. For experienced shooters these systems offer the single best way to train in a real life environment where the own guns, sights and ammunition is used!

Usually training on a live fire set up this is done after trainees have practiced shooting on fixed targets and/or a safe and affordable laser shooting simulator. The live fire solution is adding the last missing component to creating the ultimate training environment.

Live fire screens (shooting scenarios) are not limited in size! With multiple projectors and detection cameras screens can have a width of 10 meters or more that display hunting footage or digital scenes.

While being a preferred and in many European countries required method of training (hunters education and gun licensing) those simulators are rarely seen in New Zealand and Australia. To see the technology in action and for a detailed quote please contact Harald at +64 (0)21 404 461

The cost for installing live fire systems at your shooting range or club range between 15 000 & 50 000 NZD depending on individual expectations and the existing structures!

Experience the adventure! Start today!