Firearm safety training simulators

Our products offer the ultimate environment to train responsible and safe handling of firearms as well as ethical hunting and shot placement.

With our industry partners we have developed a series of courses that train New Zealand hunters and firearm users to become more aware and support the user in creating lasting habits that will help to identify situations where the use of the firearm might not be 100% safe!

Simulated gun safety training helps participants to make great decision even in rushed, high pressure or high adrenaline situations that can be replicated on the screen.

Our technology contributes to safer firearm handling amongst participants and raises awareness about potential risks and dangers! During the course firearm replicas or dummies of any type can be used (equipped with a laser). So while being exposed to real ‘in the field” situations the participants are also needing to demonstrate safe firearm handling according to the surrounding where the simulator is set up!


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Discussing research opportunities using modern medical equipment to increase firearm safety with Paul C. from The University of Auckland, Karl B. and Nicole M.

Evaluating EEG (brain) scan after participating on a custom hunting course on a laser shooting simulator developed for firearm safety training.

Pairing shooting simulator courses with medical monitoring equipment

Paired with modern medical monitoring equipment our shooting simulators create the ultimate foundation to study the behavior of firearm users. In the images above EEG (brain scan) technology and other medical equipment is used to further our knowledge about hunting and firearm accidents and why they happen.

Disclaimer: No shots have been fired or animals harmed for producing the above videos confronting questionable firearm handling behaviors!

Innovation in firearm safety training!