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The ultimate training simulator

Our archery cinema is made and developed in Germany and is the most sold training simulator for archers in Europe. BowSim 4D offers low-cost simulator technology affordable to most clubs, archery and bowhunting shops as well as 3D parcours. A business that purchases BowSim 4D wants to offer its customers highly engaging training opportunities 365 days a year. With our training simulator small urban indoor archery lanes become alive offering thrilling and lasting challenges. Archery and Bowhunting businesses attract a steady flow of customers using our technology.

BowSim 4D works like a cinema by projecting a picture onto a foam wall (4D target). Our patented sensor technology recognizes the impact of the arrow and communicates it to the BowSim 4D soft- and hardware. To operate your own BowSim 4D cinema you need our plug and play unit, a 4D Target (foam wall) and a projector.


BowSim 4D for Archery

Archers can experience a multitude of challenges with our archery cinema. 3 categories are devoted to offering a new dimension and fun to train speed archery and accuracy on moving targets.

Action games

Action games can be any scenario of moving targets we provide. Currently, there are over 40 games and due to our automated update system, there is at least one new game each month. Targets fly over the screen or pop up for seconds and you can battle dragons and dinosaurs. Speed archery cannot get any better than with our action games.

Target games

Target games offer a variety of over 100 fixed archery targets. They can be used for practicing steady shots or sighting in bows but can also be played in a fast sequence offering thrilling speed archery competitions.

Your own videos

Here you can load your own stuff. This might be footage from the internet, something you have captured yourself or anything else you fancy. Knock yourself out with your medieval scenes, dragons, zombies or whatever else rocks your boat. This is your world.

Training simulator for Bowhunters

Bowhunters love BowSim 4D as it is the most flexible and exciting way to train shot placement and real bowhunting scenarios. Currently, we offering over 200 clips with 4D animals and due to our smart update technology, there are more each month. 4D animals are videos where animals are moving naturally over the screen. Sounds from their natural environment can be heard and we endeavor to educate about the species where ever we can. This helps younger bowhunters and archers to reconnect with the outdoors and learn about the environment. There are 3 ways for bowhunters to train their skills:

Hunting courses

Those are longer courses that normally offer a similar challenge or visit a certain country or continent. This is slower pace training for bowhunters and anyone interested in 3D and 4D animals.

Hunting clips

This is a fast pace fun setting where it is all about speed. With up to 4 archers you can train arrow placement and create the most thrilling training environment. Some of our over 200 4D animals will be moving over the screen and you will never know what happens next. This is speed archery at its finest.


Own videos

Load videos from your own trail camera or videos you find on the internet. Possibilities are endless. This is the area many of our customers really love as you can customize it to your liking.

Why BowSim 4D

BowSim 4D is made and developed in Germany and already the best-selling archery simulator in Europe. Our training simulator is designed and manufactured with the highest quality components available in the market. For a maximum user satisfaction, our interface and software are designed by experienced archers and bowhunters.

Because we are extremely confident that the possibilities with BowSim 4D will blow you away we offer all customers a 100% money back guarantee if our product does not exceed your expectations. This is what we do for you and you will be thrilled.

We look forward to presenting to you the new generation of archery! Welcome to BowSim 4D archery training simulators.

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